When you own a “blessed and growing” business and you are “outgrowing” your space…finding a place to hold meetings can be impossible.  Mom, Elizabeth, and I had to go to Mt. Vernon today to pick up some items for the store and needed to get groceries for a cleanse we are starting…well actually I HAVE to start, but dragging them into it with me…easier with support, right!?! Anyway, we decided we would use our “car time” to hold a meeting. Multitasking at its finest!

Before we left Louisville this morning mom asked if she needed to clean out her car…I assured her she didn’t need to.  I mean we were just picking up a few groceries to get the cleanse started and even fewer fall decorations…there was PLENTY of room in her big ole’ Suburban.  Our first stop was at Hobby Lobby…5 carts, a dolly full of furniture, and three helpful Hobby Lobby employees later we had everything SHOVED into the car. Phew!  At this point, we were not sure if groceries were a possibility.  But we managed.  Somehow.  Elizabeth was literally crammed into the tiniest space possible in the back seat. 🙂  But, it was worth it! We do not have time to get out often so when we do we have to make the most of it…and we do that well!

On the way home from Mt. Vernon (county way home…only way Pam Garrett travels…she hates interstates #sidenote) I was telling mom and Elizabeth about a story I had just recently read about the daughter of the Frey family who was now the CEO and President of Frey Farms.  Her story is very inspiring to me for many reasons:  Woman in Business, Entrepreneurial Ideas, Family Business, Thriving Business in Southern Illinois, Pumpkins, and WATERMELON (obsession of mine)…so many things I really loved about her and her story.  Anyway, as I was retelling the story we passed the FREY FARMS sign.  Mom quickly turned and we headed down a beautiful, winding country road to see what Frey Farms was all about. When we pulled up to the large farm shed/warehouse, we were pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face from our “neck of the woods”.  It was a familiar face that none of us had seen for many years…but we knew exactly who it was. Jeremy Lewis, a schoolmate of mine from a few years ago, manages Frey Farms. Of course, he was as shocked to see us as we were him!  I think he was even more shocked by the look of our over flowing vehicle. 🙂

We ended up getting out and Jeremy gave us a great history lesson about Frey Farms and we even managed to bring a few pumpkins home with us. Yep..we squeezed them in!

If  you have time, go read about Sarah Frey-Talley.  I think you will enjoy it. She’s a prime example of how “hard work does pay off” and to “follow your dreams”. Inspiring.  Frey Farms.  Right here in our own back yard.





My favorite days are the days when you end up doing something unexpected and off the beaten path.  We all need these kind of days.  And I always love spending quality time with my mom and sister.  Added bonus of working together. 🙂

Love & Many Blessings,
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