Favorite Beauty Products – Part 3

By On November 16, 2016

Tonight I will be going over the FINAL PART of my 3-part series on my Favorite Beauty Products.  Hope you have enjoyed it.  I have enjoyed talking to so many of you and you sharing your tips with me.  As always, feel free to contact me if you would like to talk or have any questions for me. email me:…


Favorite Beauty Products – Part 2

By On November 10, 2016

HAPPY HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!  Here is PART 2 of my favorite things.  Thank you all for reaching out to me last week and giving me so much feedback.  I loved it! Here was my favorite comment form last week..”I went to one store and they were sold out of the neck cream and then I went to another store and they…


Favorite Beauty Products – Part 1

By On November 3, 2016

There is a giveaway in the post…so you better read it all! 🙂 I get a lot of comments and/or emails about my makeup.  Strangely enough, you all think I do a good job (lol)…kinda embarrassing for me to be honest!!! Here’s the thing…I’m a bit of a makeup/product junkie…and I think you are all figuring that out!   I have…

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Today I Am Loving…

By On October 27, 2016

Can you believe that October is almost over!?!  UGHHHHH…I am not ready for it to be at all.  I want just a few more days to enjoy the fall before we move into the dreaded winter months.  Winter in the Midwest is not my favorite, in fact I really despise it.  I keep telling myself that I need to change…


Contouring…You Can Do It!

By On August 4, 2016

Hey Glamour Girls! Hope you all are doing well! We are on our way to Atlanta for the Haven Conference. We are doing a “Style Show” for this conference for the best DIY BLOGGERS in America. Very cool opportunity that we have spent months prepping for. Now just praying it all comes together. I will be “SNAPPING” away, so if…


Sales, Makeup, & Tips…Oh My!

By On July 28, 2016

I’m baaack! It’s been 3 weeks since we’ve visited and I’ve missed you! But I have to say I did enjoy Carrsan’s Style Series! One of my favorite things is seeing how each person styles “a piece” their own unique way! So I loved it! Soooo….have you heard the news!?! GF is celebrating Christmas in July beginning tomorrow. And the…