Hey Glamour Girls!  I hope all is well in your world!!! As usual, it’s been a whirlwind few weeks around here.  We just got back from our State Fair with Lexi, AND…she received RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION MARKET LAMB OVERALL, with her sheep HANS (named by Elizabeth’s 4-year old Halle)!  This is something this girl has dreamed about since the age of 8 years old and we are over the moon, proud of her!  There has been a lot of “pomp and circumstance” that went along with winning, so needless to say, it’s been an exciting week.  The overwhelming joy of experiencing your child succeed at a dream of theirs…there are no words.  Truly, one of my greatest joys of raising this girl is watching her in the show ring…God has given her an unreal talent of showing animals and I love watching it. 


Now, on to some “sad” news…Our sweet, hot mess, loving, full of life, unorganized, Jesus Girl, GF Model KORTNEY has left us and gone to college!!!! 🙁  We knew this day was going to come, but I think we were all in denial.  Kortney has been with us since almost day one.  She is literally like a child to mom, Elizabeth, and I.  We love her like our own.  While we are all very excited for this next chapter in her Book of Life, we are saddened at the same time.  Not only will we miss her, but we know you all will miss her too.  You have gotten to know her as one of the main faces of GF.  We have some GREAT new faces that we know you are all going to grow to love just as we have, BUT we did want you to know where Kortney was. She is living in Nashville, TN and attending Lipscomb University. 


With school beginning, not only did we lose our Kortney, but also Kortney’s better half, KATE!  Kate has been such a huge asset to GF and she is already greatly missed.  Kate and Kortney were our Mutt & Jeff, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Thelma & Louise…you get the picture.  Where there was one there was the other.  Kate is everything Kort is not: organized, steady eddie, says it how it is, etc.  This is why they are best friends and worked so well together. WE ARE GOING TO MISS THEM BOTH SO MUCH!  


TO ALL THREE OF YOU: Dream big…and then dream even bigger, stay true to who you are, always measure what you are learning and being told against the never changing Word of God, realize the gifts God has blessed you with and use them for others, ALWAYS serve others first…it’s not about you (I heard this recently from a sweet friend, and even though I’ve heard it many times before, this time it stuck)


Love & Many Blessings,