Hello Glamour Girls!  Tonight I am excited to tell you about someone who we love at GLAMOUR FARMS! A fellow, Christian, Fashion Blogger…Sassy Over Forty With Sharrie Norton.  We have gotten to know Sharrie by her being a great customer at Glamour Farms. She is literally one of the sweetest ladies I’ve met on this GF Journey. She goes over and above with her sweet and uplifting comments.  Sharrie also has an impeccable sense of fashion.  Daily she shares outfit with her followers through her social media outlets and her blog.  I look forward to seeing what she posts daily!  If you know me at all, you know I am a big blog follower…or should say I was, when I had more time..prior to Glamour Farms!  haha!  Anyway, I follow blogs for various reasons such as decorating ideas, product reviews, bible studies, recipes, and my favorite FASHION IDEAS!  I get my best ideas from others…don’t we all?!?

Tonight, I want you all to go visit Sharrie’s blog, sign up for her EMAIL on her BLOG PAGE, and go like her Facebook and Instagram.  I know you will enjoy her as much as we do and she just might have a special deal for you!

ps…she shares a lot of uplifting and encouraging tidbits too.  That’s another reason I love her.

pss…she has cute hair. 🙂


Love and Many Blessings,
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