Hey Glamour Girls! Hope you all are doing well! We are on our way to Atlanta for the Haven Conference. We are doing a “Style Show” for this conference for the best DIY BLOGGERS in America. Very cool opportunity that we have spent months prepping for. Now just praying it all comes together. I will be “SNAPPING” away, so if you want to follow along find me/Glamour Farms on SNAPCHAT. Find us by typing in: Glamour Farms Boutique (exactly like that). And if you don’t have snap, I’m sure I will have lots of stories for you on here next week! 🙂

Now on to tonight’s topic…CONTOURING! I’m sure you know this is all the rage with makeup artists on Instagram, YouTube, and everywhere else. You would have to be living under a rock to not have heard about it! And, it is not the easiest thing to do. At all. When I first began contouring, I felt like some of my “subjects” turned out like Amy Schumer. Iol!

It is something that takes time to perfect, and I finally feel like I have figured it out, but it has taken a lot of trial and error! AND…I will be the first to tell you, I did not see what all the “hype” was even about at first. I thought contouring was very over rated. But, I now have to retract that statement, it does make a difference. A really big difference, especially in a “dressed up” face. It does just what is says, CONTOURS. It is a great way to thin a face, define features, and brighten the face. 

Now many of the CONTOURING KITS you see have anywhere from 6-10 colors in them, which is part of the reason CONTOURING seems so overwhelming. But one day a few months ago I was in Walgreens and saw a new one out by Maybelline that had only 3 colors. It sparked my interest due to the colors and the fact that it seemed much easier with only 3 options. Kind of a “Contouring For Dummies” type thing. Lol! I ended up purchaseing both to try for our photoshoots. I thought for the price, it would be worth a try and it would be much quicker to use that the other CONTOURING SETS we usually use. I purchased both sets, the Light to Medium and the Medium to Dark. Both sets contain a matte bronzer, blush, and a shimmering highlight.


I have to say I am loving these kits. I find myself reaching for them over my Anastasia and Lorac kit. I love the colors in both kits. For a refernece, I use the light-medium kit on on light to medium skin tones and medium-dark on all medium/dark skin tones. For myself I prefer the medium-dark kit…and the blush in this one is BEAUTIFUL! It reminds me of everyone’s favorite blush by NARS, which I refuse to say the “nasty” name of! I am equally happy with the light-medium kit for our fair models. If I can complain about anything it would be the brush. Just like with most drugstore makeup, the brush stinks! Use your own. 🙂

Well, I hope this has enlightened you a little and made you understand CONTOURING more. Maybe even make you want to try it! If you have any questions, feel free to email me: stephanie@glamourfarms.com

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AND EVEN MORE – I have ANOTHER GIVEAWAY for you!  I am giving 2 of the MAYBELLINE CONTOURING KITS AwAy!!!  Here’s how to enter:
1. Email me at stephanie@glamourfarms.com
2.  Subject:  Stephanie’s Contest
3. Tell me what is the one MAKEUP ITEM you would NEVER BE WITHOUT – be specific.
5.  Winners will be announced on FRIDAY! – GOOD LUCK!

Love & Many Blessings,