Who are these women all up on Stephanie’s Style blog? Why are their heads gone? Why are there two bodies with the same tank on, but styled polar opposite ways?….but, the real question you might be asking yourself is…Why am I still reading all these hypothetical questions?

I know, so many puzzling thoughts stimulating that beautiful noggin of yours. Hey, there’s no need to fear…Well Dressed Dreamer is here and ready to answer all your riveting Qs. 

Drum roll please…(thanks for the crowd involvement, much appreciation). Nana Pam, G Pam, Granny Glamour Farms (whatever you feel like calling her) and I (Carrsan) have teamed up to present to you glamorous gals a 3 PART STYLE SERIES! We both took the same item and styled them to suit our fancy, truly highlighting that Glamour Farms has no age limitations. This little, experimental blog post is to show all of you fabulous ladies out there, that no matter what your age, if you love a piece – wear it & rock it with confidence. From 19 to 90, the Farm can supply you with pieces that you can take home and make your own.

Alright, now,  get ready to feast your eyes on this style session for women of ALL AGES! *& the church choir sings*


If you have gotten the chance to meet Nana Pam or you’re lucky enough to call this woman a friend, you know that she exudes class, sass, and all things fabulous in every aspect of her life – especially her personal style. 

Pam chose to pair the Lady Sophia Top with the Angela Rolled Cuff Anklet Jean, and a wedge to add the cherry on top. The jeans tend to give the tank a dressed down vibe, but the wedge gives it a little spunk. Making this is the perfect ensemble for you to take on the town with your lady pals or a date night! 

Naturally, I paired the Lady Sophia Top with the linen shorts I have been living in this summer. I also thought that these black lace up sandals would pair swimmingly with this ensemble. I like to think that this pairing gives this tank a more edgy feel.

Hey, you there, with the pretty face. STYLE LESSON 1: Wear what makes you, feel like the best version of you. No matter your age, as long as you’re feelin’ fancy fresh – it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. That’s right – you go, girl. 

Well, well, well, glamorous readers – there you have it, PART 1 of this 3-Part Style Series. Stayed tuned for next week’s post to see what Nana Pam & I will cloth our bodies with next! You won’t wanna miss it….Ok, I’m signing off for now – see ya next week!


I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this blog series!  It is something I have wanted to do for a long time and I asked Carrsan to take it over.  And I must say, she did a fabulous job!

So often we are asked “what age do your clothes work for?” and truthfully they work for all ages.  And I mean that 100%.  We dress a wide range of ages, from my 12 year old daughter to my Grandma.  It’s all in the styling.  Different ages, different styles.  It all works. 

Come back and see us next week for Part 2 of this FUN series!  And as always, feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions at all on fit, style, design tips, or just wanna chat!  I love it!  stephanie@glamourfarms.com

Love & Many Blessings,


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