Well, well, well….we meet again. *dun-dun-dduuunnn* I’m not really sure if you’re jumping for joy over this encounter, but I’m ecstatic to be joining your virtual world of all things glamour. Anywho…DOUBLE TAKE-PART 2  (The best generational style series in all the land) is HERE! Nana Pam and I are bringing to you the Anna Swing Tunic/Dress

I thought this dress was the perfect piece to highlight for this generational style series because – when the majority of folks see this neckline, they most likely cringe at the sight of it, and run far, far, away. Ladies, this dress isn’t your tragic middle school yearbook photo. This little number is like that glorious glamour shot right after you blossomed from a terribly awkward caterpillar, to a beautiful butterfly…aka…you want everyone and their dog to see you in it. 

Pam chose to style this piece as a tunic with the Angela Rolled Cuff Anklet– white skinny jean, along with the basic lace shaper underneath, and a wedge. This ensemble is so good, you won’t even think twice about repeating it. 

This outfit is fabulous for a Sunday praising the big man upstairs or even attending all those baby/wedding showers, etc.  

Styling the Anna Swing Tunic/Dress as the latter, I kept this look to a minimal. I let the dress do the talking, along with a simple summertime wedge. 

I think this piece is the perfect breezy dress to get you through this doggone nasty heat. This dress might make that next fancy outing that you have to attend against your will, a little more bearable. 

STYLE LESSON #2: If you don’t feel comfortable in something or if it doesn’t make you feel like the extraordinary woman that you are – don’t wear it. Simple as that. (Well, unless it’s an atrocious bridesmaid dress for the wedding that you’re in, scratch everything I just said). BUT – this saves yourself a whole lotta time and energy. Stay true to your style and who you are. 


I hope you enjoyed DOUBLE TAKE- PART 2 as much as I have! Thanks for reading, glamour gals – you rock my lace up sandals off. &&& don’t miss the final part of this series next Wednesday!!! Pam and I are styling a piece that happens to be one of my biggest fashion obsessions of all time…

See ya next week!