Glamour Gals, today, marks the end of an era. The final piece of the cake that is this 3-part generational style series is about to be cut and devoured (If you all could see me now as I’m typing this post, tears filled with the utmost sadness are plummeting from my tear ducts onto the keyboard). But, instead of sulking in our sorrows, let’s rejoice in the Bonnie Blue Denim Top that Pam and I are sportin’. 

I can easily say that Pam and I are equally obsessed with this top, for obvious reasons. This was the perfect piece to put the final finesse on this style series.

You know the whole white sneakers trend that is blowing up the fashion world? Well, step back Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, because Nana Pam started this movement. She paired the Bonnie Blue Denim Top with Ked sneaks and flared white denim. 

This look is the definition of causal chic. It gives off an effortless vibe that’s bound to end up in your closet after this blog post. 

Denim and linen? Holy moly, this combo is a dream come true. First things first, let’s take a moment of silence to just appreciate how fantastic the Bonnie Blue Denim Top is. Yeah, it’s pretty great. I adore this top because it is easily one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe. You could tuck it in a skirt or….maybe even pair it with some jeans for your very own Brittany Spears/Justin Timberlake 2001 red carpet moment. 

As me for, if the weather ever gets a little chilly again, you’ll probably see me rockin’ this top with a military jacket, black skinny jeans, and some cute ankle booties. 

So, as this generational style seminar comes to a close, I’m going to leave you with – STYLE LESSON #3: Embrace your age and the skin you’re in, because you are wonderfully made by the Big Man Upstairs. Anytime you’re in a slump, just remember that each and every inch of your being was pieced with intention. You’re perfectly imperfect and loved beyond measures by the creator himself – & there’s nothing more beautiful than that fact itself.  

There ya have it, gal pals! This concludes Glamour Farm’s first 3-part generational style series. I hope that you gathered some style inspiration from Pam and myself…& that you enjoyed reading this series as much as I did writing it! 

Well Dressed Dreamer is signing off, Sayonara!