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I get a lot of comments and/or emails about my makeup. ¬†Strangely enough, you all think I do a good job (lol)‚Ķkinda embarrassing¬†for me to be honest!!! Here‚Äôs the thing‚ĶI‚Äôm a bit of a makeup/product junkie…and I think you are all figuring that out! ¬† I have been for years. And years. And years. ¬†Some people dance¬†when they‚Äôre happy‚Ķsome people eat when they‚Äôre sad‚ĶI buy makeup¬†when I‚Äôm experiencing any emotional up or down. ¬†That little tube of product just makes me happy…extremely¬†happy. ¬† Makeup is¬†definitely¬†a big part of who Stephanie is.

When I began prepping for tonight’s blog (like this morning), I really wanted to just give you a very simple tutorial of my daily makeup/makeup favorites. ¬†Well, that proved to be much more difficult that I had thought! ¬†Soooo…this has now tuned into a 2, 3, 4 or even 5 part series. ¬†If I am going to do it, I want to do it right. ¬†I want you all to know why I love each product and what I use it for.

Now for myself, I actually do not wear a lot of makeup. ¬†I do not like the feel of a lot of makeup¬†on my skin…it grosses me out! ¬†BUT…there are some items I would NEVER go without and I want to tell you ALL ABOUT THOSE THINGS!! ¬†PLEASE ladies, if you have ANY QUESTIONS or JUST WANNA TALK…(you can also follow me on social media)

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I call of these “extras” because technically they are not makeup, but they are all still items that I LOVE.

1. ¬†Garnier Skin Care Skin Renew 5 Second Blur Instant Smoother – This is a product I had a makeup artist tell me about. ¬†She said it was one of her “best kept secrets” for the price. ¬†It¬†blurs my pores instantly, lessens my fine lines and keeps¬†my makeup in place all day. ¬†I apply a light layer of¬†moisturizer, then the 5 Second Blur, followed by my makeup regimen.

2. ¬†TOCCA Colette¬†Crema da Mano Luxe – I AM A HUGE FAN OF TOCCA COLETTE!!! I was so excited when Tocca came out with this hand lotion. It really smells amazing without being overpowering. ¬†I like to use it, not only on my hands, but even after my bath. In the mornings, I apply a little and then spray my Colette perfume..and get compliments all day long. The shea butter is wonderful in this lotion, making it moisturizing without being too oily. But the main reason I love this product is because of the smell. LOVE! ¬†AND…be watching…we have this coming SOON!!!

3.  Essie Nail Polish РI have been a big fan of Essie polishes for many years.  It started one time after I did a couple tests of OPI and Essie to see which one lasted longer and both tests revealed Essie.  While I still buy OPI because of the color choices, Essie is my #1 pick. AND most of the fall and winter you will find me wearing Essie Carry On #388.

4. Gold Bond Ultimate Firming Neck & Chest Body Treatment Cream – I read about this one a few different times on some of blogs I follow, so I finally bought it one day when I was at Wal Mart. ¬†I can already tell a difference. ¬†I’m very pleased with the results, after using it for three weeks I can see a big improvement in the firmness and texture of my skin..especially neck area (under chin). ¬†I am really concentrating on this area, because a few weeks ago I attended a conference and while the speakers were LOVELY LADIES with such hearts for Jesus, their necks were beginning to show signs of age. From that day on I decided I was gonna slather on every lotion and potion I could find! ¬†You could tell the ladies had face work done, but those necks…joys of aging!

5. ¬†Sally Hansen¬†Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat – Ladies I have used this stuff for years! ¬†And for me that says a lot, because I change like the wind! ¬†This product keeps my manicures beautiful about 5-7 days. AND…the main reason I love it…it takes just 30 seconds to set. It leaves your manicure with a high gloss, superior shine.

6. ¬†Paul Mitchell Curls Ultimate Wave Texture Cream Gel – This is also a MUST HAVE in my cabinet. ¬†Now, I will say for my daughter Maggie’s hair, it does not work well at all. But she has a lion’s mane of curls. ¬†My hair is naturally¬†wavy, and it works awesome for my curls. ¬†After I wash my hair I scrunch this stuff into it and either air dry or use the diffuser and get the best curls. ¬†Better than anything else I’ve used over the years. ¬†I also use it once it’s dry if needed to give extra curl anywhere. ¬†I have tried every curl cream/gel out there and this is a great one. It doesn’t leave your hair awkwardly crunchy or wet looking and it keeps my curls great for a few days!
(now I don’t want to give false info…this will work well for those of you with really curly hair, just Maggie’s hair is too thick for it. ¬†I’ve found better products for her) ūüôā

7. ¬†TOCCA¬†Colette Perfume – My Favorite Perfume Ever Made. ¬†Hands Down. ¬†I have been using this perfume for five years or so and I always get compliments on how good¬†it smells. And what I really love about it is how different it smells on everyone. ¬†It works with each person’s body chemistry. ¬†I originally¬†purchased it when I was shopping with one of my girlfriends a few years back, and when we opened GF, I knew we had to bring the entire collection to our boutique. ¬†And I am so glad we did, you all love it just as much as we do! We carry this ONLINE and IN-STORE!


Well I hope I have not overwhelmed you all too much! ¬†I have A WHOLE LOT MORE INFO where that came from! ¬†Stay tuned ladies!! ¬†Excited for this series! ¬†And like I mentioned above…let me know if you have any questions¬†and all!!

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