Hey Glamour Girls!  I hope you all are having a great week.  I am sure many of you are trying to get back into the swing of a school schedule…I know my house is.  This year, I have one headed to college, a 7th grader, and two foreign exchange daughters, both juniors.  Yep, you read that correctly…TWO Foreign Exchange Daughters!!  We have Jessica from Finland and Lisa from Italy.  These two bring our total to seven exchange students over the past several years!  We love the program, love the things our daughters learn from other cultures, and love the dynamics it adds to our home.  Wade and I truly feel God led to do this or we would have stopped it a long time ago!  Just like our own children, each student is special in their own way and we love them each for their differences and uniqueness. So far, our two new daughters are doing very well. Jessica is the one who keeps everything in order, is super helpful and very organized…Wade is in Heaven!  Lisa is super sweet, laid back, soft spoken…but I really think there is more to come with this girl!  Loving them both and cannot wait to see how the year unfolds.  AND…they get along super, which is great considering they have to share a room! Anyway, I’m sure you will hear much more about them throughout the year.

Tonight I am sharing a series I did a year ago due to some many requests for this. Not only have I had some of you tell me, but our Customer Service has also had many questions, so I thought it was time for a refresher series. 🙂

First of all, I get giddy when I talk about our Ahh-Mazing Line…IT IS THE BEST LINE EVER INVENTED.  Hands.  Down.  This is a line my mom (Pam) wore and loved.  It was a line she felt strongly about bringing into the store when we began.  She gave us the many reasons why she loved it and convinced us to “just try it”.  I was a bit hesitant due to the price point.  Yes, it’s much cheaper than a lot of the shapewear I have tried in the past, but it was also more expensive than the tanks/leggings you can find elsewhere.  Well, long story short…we brought it to Glamour Farms, we all fell insanely in love, and the Ahh-Mazing Phenomenon began. 

Top 5 Reasons Why I Personally Love Our Ahh-Mazing Shapewear:
  1. It sucks and tucks those things that need sucked and tucked.
  2. It is very comfortable. You don’t even realize you are wearing it.
  3. It STAYS IN PLACE, which is huge!  So many of the tanks roll up and the legging tops roll down.
  4. It is very well made. The fabric is thick enough to hide lumps and bumps.
  5. Last, but most definitely not least…Ladies, we all need the proper foundations to begin an outfit.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Clothes fit much better and lay better with the correct undergarments. End of story. 

BEST SELLER: Ahh-Mazing Tank Long Shaper (also available in Short Shapers)

I wear one of these every day.  100% the truth.  I feel naked without it. Some people think they are too long for everyday wear, simply not true…you just “scrunch” it to wear you want it.  If I was on a deserted island, this would have to be with me. I have them in almost all colors, but I wear my black one 90% of the time. But that would only be because my wardrobe tends to be black, black, and more black. lol! I love the wide straps that hide the bra strap and I love the versatility of wearing it V-Neck or Rounded Neck, depending on what type of shirt you are wearing. 🙂 I would almost guarantee if I went around to all of the ladies working today, they would all have one on.  I tell ya, it’s a must-have! 

Oh one other thing…they are ONE SIZE MISSY and ONE SIZE CURVY.  And yes, they do work for everyone.  The One Size MISSY fits a small-xl and the One Size CURVY fits a 1X-3X.  For a size reference, I am a large/xl and I wear a MISSY in the Ahh-Mazing Tank Long Shaper

How To Style:
  • Wear it long under dresses /tunics
  • Wear it under tops to extend the length when needed.  (for those tops that are a bit too short) 
  • Wear it alone and throw a cardigan on top
  • Pair it with you Ahh-Mazing Leggings with a tunic/cardi over it for EASY and COMFORTABLE DRESSING!!!

BEST SELLER:  Ahh-Mazing Tummy Tuck Ankle Legging (These also come in CROP LENGTH)

Ladies, we are moving into fall and this is the time to STOCK UP on all of your leggings! And these are not like the cheap leggings you find other places, for one they STAY IN PLACE and  these suck and tuck in all the right places.  They also are thick enough to hide lumps and bumps.  This is an item that we sell out of in store almost every weekend! They are very popular! In this legging, the Missy comfortably fits XS-L/Curvy XL-2X.

Style these leggings as you would any legging/jegging.  For a great base for layering, add our Ahh-Mazing Long Shaper Tank.  They are perfect for fall…just add a boot, tunic, or sweater and  you are good to go!!  Easy dressing!

So there you go ladies, I hope this answers your questions.  If you have anymore, please email me and I will help stephanie@glamourfarms.com.


Love & Many Blessings,