Did you know that tomorrow is a holiday?  A National Holiday!  Now, this particular holiday does not excite me much, but I know many of you are ecstatic for a day dedicated to your addiction…such as my husband, Wade.   It is National Coffee Day.  I am not a coffee drinker, but I do have an avid coffee lover in my home.  Not only does he just drink the coffee, but he also ROASTS HIS OWN!  Wade has green coffee beans flown in from all over and spends a lot of time roasting the beans to his perfect liking. He does this in our garage and let me tell ya, the smell is terrible…burnt smell…BUT the outcome, I hear is perfection.  Anyone who has ever drinks his coffee says it’s the best they’ve ever had.  Now, I cannot attest to this, but many people can.  Roasting coffee is a hobby he thoroughly enjoys and he has spent a lot of time perfecting his skill.  Sooooo, it excites me to let you know that you all can test it for yourself tomorrow!  We will be serving WADE’S FAMOUS COFFEE in store tomorrow for all of you shoppers to enjoy.    Come in, shop for your new fall attire, and drink a cup of WADE’S FAMOUS COFFEE, and celebrate National Coffee Day with Glamour Farms.

Now onto another subject…FACEBOOK LIVE.  Tomorrow Elizabeth and I will be going LIVE at 1 p.m. CST and we are doing it a little different tomorrow…we are doing a Q & A LIVE.  Here’s what we need from you…please send us any questions you would like us to answer…about anything and we will answer them the best we can!  And it can be anything…about us, family, store, GF, clothing, style, makeup, décor…you name it, we will try to answer it!  As long as it’s appropriate. Lol!

Please send your questions to stephanie@glamourfarms.com.  Everyone who sends a question in will be entered into a drawing for a NEW FALL ARRIVAL!!!  You will get your name in for every question you send in!  So ladies…send those questions in!!!  And then be watching tomorrow at 1pm CST for the answers!

Love & Many Blessings,