HELLO GLAMOUR GIRLS!!!! We are back from our week long trip to Cancun…and back to REALITY!!  Not a place I like to live, but hey, I am sure we all feel that way, right!?! Since we talked last, Lexi (my oldest) and Torunn (our Norwegian Exchange Daughter) have both graduated from High School.  Maggie (our youngest) also completed her 6th grade year in her new school, Potters Shed Christian Academy.  Great accomplishments for all!  

Lexi and Torunn graduated last Sunday and we celebrated afterwards with a meal at our house.  Lots of laughs and good fellowship.  After all of the pomp and circumstance ended, we were off to MEXICO for our girls only trip!  Lexi had asked a year ago for a trip for her graduation gift.  Long story short, we got her the trip for her 18th Birthday and Graduation combined. She wanted to go with myself, her Nana, Aunt E, and best friend Carrsan.  SO, of course, none of us could turn her down! lol!  It was tough, but we did it. Kind of a quadruple gift! haha!  We wanted Torunn to go as well, but by the time she decided to go, we could not get a flight.  It all worked out though, she was able to spend time in Chicago with friends!  Maggie just spent the week “ticked” at all of us for going. She was one UNHAPPY CAMPER, but sometimes life is just not fair!  Hard concept for her to wrap her mind around.  The mom in me did feel really bad, but also knew I needed the time with Lexi.  Maggie will have her turn in due time. 🙂

We had such an AMAZING TIME in Mexico.  Seriously, one of the best trips I have been on. We met the best people, who will now be lifelong friends.  The weather was amazing, the water was as blue and clear as it could be, and the rest was even better.  We laughed more than I have laughed in years.  Lexi and Carrsan together are a riot.  These two were.  They complete each other.  They bring out the best in each other.  Funny thing is, they met the male version of themselves on this trip.  It was CRAZY how much our new friends, Tim and Alex, were the same as Lex and Carrsan.  Made the week that much more fun!  Oh, the stories I could tell…

We spent the week relaxing, laughing, tanning, swimming, visiting, snorkeling, and just enjoying each other.  We had the chance to snorkle one of the the world’s best reefs…it was so beautiful…once I calmed down!  My anxiety always gets me a bit, but once I relaxed I loved it.  And you can see funny pics of Lexi and Carrsan on this trip.  We have a really funny video that I would love to share with you, but this blog will not let me! 🙁  If you see the pic of the back of them sitting on the side of the boat that is were things got pretty comical.  Those two chickened out big time when it came to JUMPING…the guide was yelling at them, we were all behind them waiting to go…they messed around for 2 minutes trying to get up the courage, so finally I just pushed them in…and my sister got it all on video.  It is quite hilarious to say the least.  The better part of the story was it wasn’t until later that night at supper they realized I was the one who did it.  They blamed Elizabeth! Carrsan said she never thought I would do something like that! haha! Anyway, great trip and cannot wait to do it again!  One of my main mottos – WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER! 🙂

When Lexi said she wanted to go to Cancun, we were all a bit hesitant, due to it’s “rowdy” reputation.  But, it was not like that at all!  Here’s just a few…or some…or A LOT…of pics of our last few weeks..ENJOY!






FISH SPA PEDICURE – So Stinking Weird!!! (Bucket List Item..Check)



Now, I also have to tell you about my packing and clothes!  I’ve told you before, I AM NOT ORGANIZED…no matter how bad I want to be, I am just not! And packing is right up there with my list of things that I am VERY BAD AT!  Literally 1 hour before we were leaving I was throwing wads of clothes into my suitcase.  I took a pic just to show you. No, not to show you what a “hot mess” I am, but to show you the how easy our clothes are too pack.  I say it all the time that you can “throw them in a suitcase and go”, but I just wanted to show you that I actually do.  The first pic is on my bedroom floor just before I tossed in…the 2nd picture is how they came out of my suitcase a day later in Cancun!  I love our clothes and their ability to be so multi-functional.  They travel well, and you can dress them up for evening meals, and then wear as your bathing suit cover up the next day!  My kind of clothes!  And the blue dress with the lace and the hot pink dress with hot pink lace drew tons of attention.  I had so many people (even from different countries) stop and ask where I got my dress.  These will be available ONLINE and IN-STORE SOON!!!!


Our BIG MEMORIAL DAY SALE is going on In-Store and Online this weekend, so make sure you take advantage of that.  We have checked in a TON of NEW ARRIVALS THIS WEEK!!

Love and Many Blessings,