Hello Glamour Girls!  I hope all is well in your world.  All is good on this end!  I’m headed to Market to pick you out more “fabulous” clothing for late summer and early fall!  I will be meeting with our manufacturers and talking about fall designs and prints!  Let me know if you have any specific requests for summer or fall!  I would LOVE TO HEAR THEM! stephanie@glamourfarms.com

Tonight I want to talk to you about something new we are implementing at Glamour Farms.  It’s called “GF PRAYER WARRIORS”.  We believe Prayer is important for so many reasons:

1.  God’s Word Calls Us To Pray

2.  Prayer is How We Communicate with God

3.  Prayer Gives us Power Over Evil

4.  Prayer is Always Available

5.  Prayer Keeps us Humble Before God

6.  Answered Prayer is a Potential Witness

7.  Prayer Strengthens the Bonds Between Believers

8.  Prayer Can Succeed Where Other Means Have Failed

9.  Prayer Fulfills Emotional Needs

10.  Prayer Changes Things

For us, Glamour Farms is so much more than a store for women to buy clothes from.  First and foremost, it is our ministry.  We use GF to minister to women in so many ways.  Are we always perfect….HECK NO!  We are human, we are real.  I can promise you, you will be hard pressed to find any more “real” than we are.  We have and continue to make mistakes. WE ARE FORGIVEN. God is so much bigger than our past and our shortcomings.  We love and live for JESUS…and that’s what is most important.  

We know women struggle and have things going on in their lives that need turned over to prayer.  This is what we want to do for you.  The GF PRAYER WARRIOR TEAM wants to pray for you.  You can contact us ANYTIME you need prayer, but on Sunday evenings we will have a post for the weeks prayer requests.  If it is private/personal, you can email those to pam@glamourfarms.com….all requests will be confidential and only shared with the Prayer Team. 

Prayer is what has gotten me through my darkest days.  About three years ago, I suffered a deep depression that I wasn’t sure I was going to recover from.  I had just had a full hysterectomy (with no hormones given…all natural) which threw me into full swing MENOPAUSE,  my daughter was going through her own “dark time”, job issues….and I could keep going, but I will stop there.  Life up until that point had been “picture perfect” and then at once it all crumbled down around me.  I felt I was in such a dark hole and I could not see the light.  I didn’t even know who I was.  I had always been strong Christian, or so I thought, but I was angry.  Very angry.  Angry that God was allowing me to go through this darkness.  During this time, a very dear friend asked me if I had gotten on my knees and prayed.  I said “YES! I pray all the time!”  And he said “No Stephanie, have you actually gotten down on your knees and cried?  I mean really cried out to Jesus, talked to Him and asked for forgiveness and comfort?”  No I hadn’t.  My prayers had been forced.  Not heartfelt at all.  I was too angry.  That night I went home and had my “life changing” prayer time with God.  Yes it was life changing.  Did life become perfect at that very second, no.  But, I lost my anger.  The healing process began.  I became a much better Christian, mother, wife, daughter, sister, and so on that night.  I now realize I needed that dark valley in my life to love where I am at now.  Life is good, life is not perfect.  I look back at that time period and do not even know who I was, but I am thankful for it.  I would not be who I am today without it.

Ladies, let us pray for you.  It’s what we want to do.  It’s what we feel called to do.  Prayer changes things.  I promise.  And no request is too big or too small.  They are all important.  

Love & Many Blessings,