Hey, hey, hey!  How are you?!? I hope this blog finds you all doing well.  Life is good here!  Moms been gone all week, so Elizabeth and I are IN CHARGE!  lol! No, really, it’s been a good week, and summer is in full swing!  Which makes me a happy camper!  I love summer, heat, and the sun!!!  Well unless I am having one of my “Fire Flashes”! And yes I am “only” 39 but due to a complete hysterectomy a few years ago, I have them!  I was immediately thrown into the big “M” word!  Anyway, enough about that…moral of the story is…I still love the sun, summer, and everything that encompasses summer!  

Now on to what tonight’s really about!  You all meeting our sweet, hardworking, funny, passionate, family first Nicci, Glamour Farms Recieving Manager.  Nicci is one of people that makes life just a little sweeter because you know her.  She is always smiling, always tries to make everyone happy and keep peace at all times, and will ALWAYS go above and beyond to please everyone around her.  These are just a few of the qualities that we all love about Nicci. I feel very, very fortunate to work with her everyday, and hope to be with her for many more years.  She is a huge part of our “GF CREW” and I would never want to do life without her with us, and I mean that.  


Getting to know me…….


My full name is:  Nicole Ardelle Worthey

My nickname is:  Nic, Suzy, Mom, Aunt Nee

My family consists of:  My husband, Mike, of 25 years, two 24 year old daughters, Elizabeth and Lauren and one handsome 20 year old son, Andrew.

I live in:   Louisville, Illinois

My role at Glamour Farms:  Mostly Receiving and some Inventory.  I get the privilege of checking in the new styles before anyone else (except for Steph!).  In receiving, we check in the orders, name each style, then on with separating each order between boutique and our online store. I enter quantities into boutique inventory then enter and describe each item for the website.  After each item is received and tagged, we steam all pieces for Elizabeth to photograph for online. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes, you can’t imagine!   There is not much down time, but no day is the same.  We all work hard, but never forget to take a little time to laugh and enjoy our time together.

The best part about my job is:  Everyday is different, there is always something new to learn.  Plus, I work with some of the hardest working women I’ll ever know.

I’m inspired by:   My three children.  I’ve always said, when I grow up, I want to be just like them.  They constantly amaze me with their hard work, determination in everything they do and best of all, their humor and unconditional love.

I never leave my house without:  Forgetting everything.  True story, ask my husband!  Ok, my phone.

My favorite snack is:   Chips and dip, pizza and a glass of wine (on occasion!).

On the weekend you’ll probably find me:   Working with my husband or in my comfy robe at home. 

My favorite movie of all time is:  Easy, “Christmas Vacation”!

If calories didn’t count I would eat everyday:   I don’t count calories so this is easy too.  Pizza.

My theme song is:  “Oh Mickey, You’re So Fine”.   Not by choice.

If I could wear only one color everyday for the rest of my life, it would be:  Sorry, glamour girls, but black!

If I were stranded somewhere for the rest of my life, and it could not be at home, I would want it to be:   Somewhere tranquil and sunny, with my family, my children, laughing until our bellies hurt.  My only destination is to be in a happy place.

My best quality would be:  I want to say “nothing”, but Pam would scold me.  It is very important to me to always treat others as I want to be treated.  I want to be remembered as tolerant, open-minded and accepting of ALL! 

The quality I would like to change about myself would be:   Confidence.  Growing up, I was confronted with challenges that really lowered my confidence and self worth.  It is a never ending battle, but I’m working on it!

My “must have” item at Glamour Farms is:   My Glamour Farms Logo Tees!!  We move a lot in our department and I have to be comfortable.  I can’t have too many of them!  Comfort, style….see where I’m going with this!

What Glamour Farms means to me:  It means hard work, pushing myself to create, coming home tired, but always knowing I did the best job I could. It is very fulfilling to hear women say how thankful they are for Glamour Farms, near and far!  Most importantly, work hard means play hard too.  There are days we roll with laughter!  

I LOVE:  Every blessing in my life.  My children, my family, my work family and knowing I have another day to enjoy it all.

My favorite Scripture:  The bible is filled with scriptures that pertain to so many situations so choosing one is difficult.  I keep several on my dresser, on my side table and my purse.  Happy or sad, I reach for them as I need them to remind myself how blessed I am.  

Anything else you would like to say:   I get very nervous when I have to speak so there are a lot of missed opportunities I wish I had something to say.  I’ll end with this.  The future weighs heavy on my heart.  I pray we, as a whole creation, can start accepting each other and find peace.  We are all struggling with something.  Hating is not the answer.      


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Love and Many, Many Blessings,