Stuff, stuff, and more stuff. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in the “STUFF” around me. This past year, our Norwegian Exchange Daughter, Torunn, often said one of her biggest things she saw out of Americans was that we have too much “STUFF”. She talked about the importance of needing to simplify our lives in order to live better lives. This is hard for “us”, we use “STUFF” to make us feel better, “STUFF” to act as our therapist, and “STUFF” to keep up with the Jones’. It’s the American Way. My goal this school year is to rid our life of “STUFF”. That junk we’ve had laying around in corners, garages, storage rooms….and wait for it….CLOSETS!!!

PURGING is hard. Whether you’re trying to clean up your diet or purge your closet, cutting things from your lifestyle is no easy task. Be More With Less talks about how we can ‘live in the land of enough’ by doing one simple thing – making space. And now is the time to make space, we are moving into the FALL SEASON and we are all going to want to be adding new pieces to our FALL WARDROBE, but first you must purge. My husband’s method – 1 new in, 3 old ones out. Just wish I was better at following that and then I wouldn’t get into such MASSIVE MESSES!

Below is a four-pile method I found and started using in my own home, so I wanted to share it with you. It has helped me and I think it can help you too. Now I am sure some of you are so organized you already have your own method that works for you, this post is not for you! Lol. This post is for the rest of us who struggle with organization!

Love & Many Blessings,