Can you believe that October is almost over!?!  UGHHHHH…I am not ready for it to be at all.  I want just a few more days to enjoy the fall before we move into the dreaded winter months.  Winter in the Midwest is not my favorite, in fact I really despise it.  I keep telling myself that I need to change my attitude about it but so far it’s not happening!  BUT…it is still October and I plan to enjoy in until the end!  This weekend is our Fall Harvest Festival.  It is super small and probably not a big deal to most, but to me it means tradition.  And if you know me well, you know I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to tradition.  A tradition that as a little girl, I knew meant that Harvest was over and it was now time for the farmers to celebrate.  Not sure that was the exact meaning…but in my “little imagination” that is what it meant!



  1.  My UGGS – Bailey Button Bling Boot
    ~Yes they may be a fashion {{NO}} but I would not go a fall/winter without them. I have worn Uggs for years and do not plan on stopping anytime soon!

  1.  BUXOM Full-On Lip Polish
    ~Too many colors to mention…really love them all! Right now I have the color Sandy.  I purchased this one because Beth Moore (Christian speaker) wears this color with a darker brown lip liner.  I know…I’m a mess!!

  1.  Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Woods Candle 
    ~Love, love, love the scent of this candle and it fills our home with the scent of FALL!!!  And they have been 50% OFF!

  1.  Sophia Distressed Skinny Jean –  Missy Medium WashMissy  Dark WashCurvy Medium WashCurvy Dark Wash
    ~I seriously LIVE in these jeans.  We all do at GF…they are the most   comfortable denim you will ever have on your body!!!  And the distressing is not overdone!

  1.  My very favorite bootie at the moment – Sworn Ankle Boot

  1.  The Pioneer Woman – Ree Drummond’s Shirt Choice For TV
    Gray and Black
    ~I am a huge lover of the Pioneer Woman and on Monday I got a message from one of my very good friends that she had liked his shirt design so much she wore it on TV!!!!  It’s a shirt we all LOVE also.  

  1.  Oils, Oils, & More Oils
    ~I am a big believer in essential oils and now more than ever I use them for everything!!  And I mean everything.  Learning more and more about them every day…or should I say every new aliment that comes along in our family!  

  1.  Ponchos
    ~I love them all.  Easy to wear and keep warm!

 Bradbury Poncho

 Like Wildfire Poncho

 Desert Skies Poncho



  1.  Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living
    ~This book is changing me in a big way.  I’m finding the older I get, the more I am changed my some books…and this is one of them.

    ~With Lexi in College this year, even though she lives at home, we rarely ever see her due to her being on the Judging Team.  So anytime I get with my sweet loves, I cherish it.  Moms, I cannot tell you enough…time flies. Hold tight to those babies, before you know it you are longing for all of you to sit around the dinner table again.  (sorry for poor photo quality…it was in a cave)


Love and Many Blessings,